Pine Plains “Original” Blend

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This is the blend that started it all. Surprise and delight your backyard flying friends with our tasty and nourishing Pine Plains "Original" Blend, our very own mix of four healthy nuts & seeds that attract a wide variety of wild birds and can be used in any feeder style.

This blend is comprised of three nutritious ingredients that birds love: sunflower hearts, peanut hearts, and safflower. We de-shell our sunflower seeds and peanuts during production, hence why we call them "hearts" to make the goodness inside the hulls readily accessible.

  • A full jar of healthy seeds & nuts, housed in a durable, reusable, and recyclable glass jar with metal lid
  • All ingredients USDA Certified Organic
  • Hand-blended with love in New York's Hudson Valley
  • Standard option includes seeds & nuts, glass jar with lid, and helpful advice from our team about feeding your birds
  • Gift Wrapped option includes all the above and is wrapped by hand in kraft paper and ribbon. We are also happy to include a handwritten note if desired — just email us your message at